OA and EU Horizon

Beneficiaries must ensure open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to their results

OpenAPC initiative releases data sets on fees paid for open access journal articles: e.g. average APC by publisher

OA to Horizon 2020
When acknowledging Horizon2020 projects - your article and data have to be open access mandatorily within six months! 
Horizon 2020 ERC Model Grant Agreement (Article 29.2)

New Horizon Online Manual

Annotated Model Grant agreement (update Nov. 30. 2021, draft)) Open access to publication and data immediately, see draft of Annoted Model Grant agreement, annex 5, article 17, page 151-160

OA Horizon Europe
Beneficiaries must ensure open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to their results. In particular, they must ensure: at the latest upon publication.

Do you want to publish your article Open Access Green (self-archiving)? Follow description under Open access gold and green

Important: By assigning Horizon2020 project information to your publication in MPG.PuRe, your publication will automatically be harvested by the EU OpenAire repository .

OA to data/ Open Access data repositories:
In MPG.PuRe (our institutional repository) we already host some data, that come with as supplements with your article, data can be made available open access.

Max Planck research OA data repository: Edmond
MPG research data repository for Max Planck researchers. Edmond can be used to publish raw data for re-use by other researchers as well as supplementary secondary data underlying a certain publication. Please check back at your library for further information!

re3data.org is a global registry of research data repositories by the German Research Foundation, that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines
Zenodo: service is offered by CERN and an OpenAIRE project. Zenodo is a research data repository for the preservation and making available of research, educational and informational content.

Openaire Guide on "How to find trustworthy repository for your data"

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