FAQs for scientists and students

FAQs for scientists and students

Find the answers to your questions about research, access, publishing and more or ask your librarian.

Research and Access

How can I get access to the local library collection?

E-Library: access to local library books, articles, journals, institute's publications (direct and interlibrary loan) or use the MPG-SFX-linker to get to your fulltext from e.g. E-Library or Web of Science, Googlescholar, Pubmed...

How can I find bachelor, master or doctoral thesis from the institute?

You can find our thesis in the E-Library or browse in our collection (call number COM80).

What does the post-cancellation service mean?

How to get Elsevier articles:

  1. Search in ScienceDirect or other databases, ask your local library or enter the article details into the MPG/SFX citation linker
  2. Click the MPG/SFX button. Note: In ScienceDirect, it appears in the “Get Access” section at the top of those article pages for which the full text is no longer available.
  3. Check the options in the service menu presented to you, e.g. free available full text versions (if available).
  4. To order the article, select the corresponding link, e.g. "Request full text via MPDL Post-Cancellation Service or via your local library". Please note that the wording might differ slightly according to your location.
  5. Add your personal details to the order form in the next screen and submit your document request.

The team in your local library or at the MPDL will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer Web of Science and EndNote introductions?

Introduction to the Web of Science:

Set up a search profile, alerts, analyze results, perform a cited reference search, export to Endnote. For individual session turn to the library.

EndNote: Reference Management

Do you use EndNote for the first time? We provide basic and advanced EndNote-Training, please Ask us!
  1. Endnote training Homepage (by Clarivate Analytics)
  2. Endnote training Youtube Channel (by Clarivate Analytics)
How can I get access to your databases and E-book-collection?

Please take a look at our search-and-find page for more information.

What to do with my research data?

Please take a look at our research data page for more information. There you can find all about Open Access data repositories and DOIs.

Which helper tools does the MPG offer?

The Max Planck Digital Library offers service programs for researchers and the administration.

Open Access at the MPG-Society

See our Open Access page for further information on open access policies.

Do you offer interlibrary loan?

In case we do not have direct access to a publication, you can choose between ordering it via the MPG-SFX-linker or write us an E-mail.

Where can I find Lab protocols?

We offer access to lab protocols from Springer (Springer Nature Experiments) and Wiley (Wiley Current Protocols).

How do I connect via VPNs, Intranet?

Within the IP range of our institutes you have full access to our subscribed journals or books. From outside, please set up a VPN connection:

  1. ICE VPN: Instructions for setting up AnyConnect VPN (ICE)
  2. BGC Intranet VPN: Instructions VPN (BGC)

Thesis process

How to write a thesis?

Literature on thesis writing at the E-Library

Can you help me with the thesis publication process?

Thesis process at your local Max-Planck library:

Your thesis will be available in print and/or electronic version via out E-Library. After your defense, we will check with you for an open access publication option. Thesis access is recommended to be open access via our E-Library. If your thesis can be published open access (for conditions please check carefully or ASK US) you have an option to declare an embargo. Please consider to include the accepted manuscript version of your article into your thesis.

Thesis process at the University- Library Friedrich Schiller University, Jena (Thulb):

Please find here a checklist for submitting a doctoral dissertation to the ThULB (Thüringer university library) (draft version in English). The legal version and the form you will have to submit is in German. Here you can find a short introduction in german only.

How can I manage my citations?

There are many different options to manage your citations. The library offers introductions to EndNote.

  1. Endnote training Homepage (by Clarivate Analytics)
  2. Endnote training Youtube Channel (by Clarivate Analytics)

Other questions

Can I reserve a Library working space?

Want to reserve a table at the library?

Chemical Ecology users, please visit: Library reservation.

Biogeochemical users, please contact us in person!

Can you help me with a bibliometric question?

Yes, we can! Please find information about bibliometric questions as a part of our publication services.

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