Predatory Journals

How can I identify trusted journals and conferences?

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Fake journals - fake conferences - bootleged - rebranded?

Be aware of Omics journals, also called Longdom , Hilaris, iMedPub LTD

Want to check if you can trust a certain journal/publisher/conferences provider?
Checklists for books, bookchapters, journals and conferences from  Think Check Submit
Think Check Submit is a campaign to help researchers identify trusted publishers for their research. It is a simple checklist researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher. 

Also available in German


  • Do you or your colleagues know the journal?
  • Can you easily identify and contact the publisher?
  • Is the journal clear about the type of peer review it uses?
  • Are articles indexed in services that you use?
  • Is it clear what fees will be charged?
  • Do you recognize the editorial board?
  • Is the publisher a member of a recognized industry initiative?
  • Can you find the journal at the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) or the Web of Science? 


Predatory publishers’ latest scam: bootlegged and rebranded papers K. Syler ( Nature 598, 563-565 (2021) doi:

How do you know a paper is legit? J. West, C. Bergstrom

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