OA and EU Horizon

EU Horizon Beneficiaries must ensure open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to their results

Comparison: Open Science in Horizon20 versus Horizon Europe

OA Horizon Europe: immediately in a gold Open Access journal
Beneficiaries must ensure open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to their results. In particular, they must ensure: at the latest upon publication. See Horizon Open Science factsheet: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, open science : early knowledge and data sharing, and open collaboration, 2021, https://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2777/79699

Model grant agreements

OA to Horizon 2020 : within six months
When acknowledging Horizon2020 projects - your article and data have to be open access mandatorily within six months! 
Horizon 2020 ERC 

Do you want to publish your article Open Access Green (self-archiving)? Follow description on Library Webpage

Ask the publisher for permission to publish OA green:
Text modular: "This study is supported by the EU Horizon project (XXproject funded by the EU's Horizon  Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No.XX). This programme requires, that a final peer reviewed version of the manuscript is made available via open access within 6 months of publication. We therefore ask for the permission, to deposit an electronic version of the final manuscript version open access in our non-commercial institutional repository."

Important: By assigning Horizon2020 project information to your publication in MPG.PuRe, your publication will automatically be harvested by the EU OpenAire repository .

OA to data/ Open Access data repositories:
In MPG.PuRe (our institutional repository) we already host some data, that come with as supplements with your article, data can be made available open access.

Max Planck research OA data repository: Edmond
MPG research data repository for Max Planck researchers, harvested by Openaire via b2find. Edmond can be used to publish raw data for re-use by other researchers as well as supplementary secondary data underlying a certain publication. Please check back at your library for further information!

Find an Open Access Data repository:

re3data.org is a global registry of research data repositories by the German Research Foundation, that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines
Zenodo: service is offered by CERN and an OpenAIRE project. Zenodo is a research data repository for the preservation and making available of research, educational and informational content.

Openaire Guide on "How to find trustworthy repository for your data"

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