Help for authors

Help for authors

DAFNEE, a Database of Academia Friendly jourNals in Ecology and Evolution

Use chatGPT like AIs search engines for research with: Elicit, SemanticScholar, Scite, Consensus

AI Tools for  Research Workflow in Academia” Maintained by Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke

Need a journal match? Already have a manuscript?

Try B!SON The journal information is provided by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Web of Science: Match manuscript

MPG Open Access Journal finder: Max Planck authors can publish their articles open access at no cost to them in the listed journal

DOAR: Find Open Access Preprint repositories

Calculate your publication fees for funding:

DFG FAQ: Open Access Publication Funding


OA monitor

Do you need help with finding literature for your project? Reference management? Tipps on how to write a paper?
Please check the library FAQs

 PuRe is the publication repository of the Max Planck Society. It contains articles from researcher all over the Max Planck Society with bibliographic data and numerous fulltext access options.

Angela Günther (Repository Manager) supports authors by adding  your publication to the MPG Publication Repository (PuRe). Please give notice of your publication, so she can add it to the PuRe repository and your publication will be listed on the institutes publication homepage!


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