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Document delivery

Three possibilities to make your request

  1. Find full-text

    Use the sfx -linkresolver to get to your fulltext (from e.g. Google/Scholar or Web of Science database and more). The MPG-SFX is a linkresolver, meaning it connects your request (from inside the institute or via vpn) with a website or a database, library or publisher. You will find “our” MPG-SFX in any record and may use it to either to link directly to the document or get additional information.
  2. Interlibrary-loan

    If we/Max Planck doesn’t subscribe to the database, you were searching, we offer you to order your document via Interlibrary loan, please use the service form below or “ask us!”
  3. Book/Publication purchase

    If you want to propose a book or publication for purchase: “ask us!”