open access & copyright

Open Access

What is Open Access? “In the scientific sphere, the term “Open Access” refers to unrestricted and cost-free access to scientific information on the Internet. Accordingly, users should have the right not only to read a publication, but also to distribute it to a wider circle and to make use of it, for instance for the …

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OA MPG Journals

List of Open Access Journal Titles with central MPG agreement Do you want to publish OA Gold? Please check this list of all journals, the Max Planck Digital Library will support you with article processing charges (APCs). Please note: this list is not complete and permanently updated, it's an extract from the Directory of Open …

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Copyright Clearance and University checklist for thesis

Unsure about reusing images, charts or tables o be published?   The Copyright Clearance Centeris the most important address. Do you need help with creative commons licenses? Use Creative Commons tools to help share your work! Please find a checklist for submitting a doctoral dissertation at the ThULB (Thüringer university library) under (draft version in …

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