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Open Access

What is Open Access?

“In the scientific sphere, the term “Open Access” refers to unrestricted and cost-free access to scientific information on the Internet. Accordingly, users should have the right not only to read a publication, but also to distribute it to a wider circle and to make use of it, for instance for the purposes of teaching. The original author must, of course, always be credited. A more precise definition of Open Access is provided in the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.”
(see https://openaccess.mpg.de/policy)

Two ways of open access publishing: gold or green

While or before publishing
Open Access journals funded by Max Planck Society
After having published a closed-access-paper, we will have to follow this process
General Information on Open Access in H2020 (art. 29.2)
Creative Commons licenses
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