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OA MPG Journals

List of Open Access Journal Titles with central MPG agreement

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Please check this list of all journals, the Max Planck Digital Library will support you with article processing charges (APCs).

Please note: this list is not complete and permanently updated, it's an extract from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

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This page lists all Open Access journals for which article processing charges (APCs) are supposed to be covered out of central funds on behalf of Max Planck authors. Detailed information about Open Access publishing in the Max Planck Society can be found on the MPDL website. For a complete list of all Open Access journals, please visit the DOAJ directory.

Please note that the list is not compiled manually and may therefore be incomplete or contain journals which are not yet part of the publisher contract.

The dataset on this page has been extracted from the Directory of Open Access Journals (see DOAJ query). The list is updated daily and is extended by Max Planck specific information about entitled authors.