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Library workplaces

Welcome to the Library workplaces. Here you can reserve a computer place in the library.


MPI for Biogeochemistry members need to contact the library staff for registration.
Please send a request to library@clib-jena.mpg.de. We will reserve the place for you.

MPI for Chemical Ecology members can follow the link for registration
under https://intranet/web/lib-tables.html or go to ICE Intranet/Schedules/Library reservation.


If you have any questions, pleaseAsk us!


Periods of usage

You can choose between 3 different periods of using a workplace. The maximum lengths are as follows:


Time span Where Numbers
1 day (short time usage, cannot be booked) front part of the library workplaces A to H
14 days middle library workplaces 1 to 8
3 months back part of library workplaces I to XIII


How to book the workplace

Step 1 select week

Step 2 click the start date in schedule (please note your table line) green color is free, red is reserved

Step 3 fill other fields in reservation

Step 4 check and submit

Then the reservation is complete and you can use your workplace.

Please note:

When the reservation has expired all users must remove their working materials from the workplace. Books, which are no longer in use, should be placed on the return-table. Windows should be closed and waste needs to be removed. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the library and to have a pleasant working atmosphere.