Open Access to Horizon 2020 AND ERC publications

When acknowledging Horizon2020 projects - your article and data have to be open access mandatorily within six months!

“Under Horizon 2020, each beneficiary must ensure open access to all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to its results ...within six months of publication ..."
Horizon 2020 ERC Model Grant Agreement (Article 29.2)

Do you want to publish your article Open Access Green (self-archiving)? Follow description under Open access gold and green

Important: By assigning Horizon2020 project information to your publication in MPG.PuRe, your publication will automatically be harvested by the EU OpenAire repository . But listing your publication in PuRe is not enough to fulfill OA criteria for H2020. You have to list every single publication within your participant portal in order to make them appear in Cordis.

Wichtig: Die Daten unseres MPG.PuRe repositories erscheinen automatisch im OpenAIRE-Repository  der EU. D Eintrag in PuRe reicht nicht für die offizielle Anerkennung eines OA Artikels, nach den Voraussetzungen unter Horizon2020. Im Teilnehmer-Portal (participant portal) muss jeder Projektkoordinator selbst die Veröffentlichungen eintragen, diese erscheinen dann auf der Cordis Webseite und erfüllen erst dann alle Kriterien.

ERC: Open Access to publications and data: Overview
European Commission: Participant Portal H2020 Online Manual