Library support for students

E-Library  access to local library books, articles, journals, institute's publications and thesis (search for: Call Number:com80), interlibrary-loan-service

Use the MPG-SFX -button to get to your fulltext (from e.g. E-Library or Web of Science databases). You will find “our” MPG-SFX linker in many records and may use it to either link directly to the document or get additional information. How to get your Elsevier paper

Introduction to the Web of Science: (Search profile, alerts, analyze results, cited reference search, Endnote) Individual session with the library to set up a search-profile upon request

Endnote help, individual and general introduction upon request

Lab protocols from Springer (Springer Nature Experiments) and Wiley (Wiley Current Protocols)

Useful and free helper programs

MPG.ReNa Resource Navigator  Max Planck Society online databases, scientific information resources and tools

SciFlow (MPG authoring platform: MPG researchers and co-authors: find your template and start writing together)

Keeper (MPG data sharing platform: sync and share your project data and in addition MPDL takes care that your work is properly archived in the Max Planck infrastructure)

Collective (MPG collaborative workspace: web based platform which allows you to work together with your colleagues or project partners within a collaborative workspace)

Edmond (MPG research data repository for Max Planck researchers. Edmond can be used to publish raw data for re-use by other researchers as well as supplementary secondary data underlying a certain publication)

Thesis help

We will check your thesis for open access publication option. Thesis access is recommended to be open access via our E-Library and also the Jena University Library dbt repository

Your thesis will be archived in print and/or digitally at the Library BGC&CE

Please consider to include the accepted manuscript version of your article into your thesis

Thesis process at the University- Library Friedrich Schiller University, Jena (Thulb)

Please find a checklist for submitting a doctoral dissertation to the ThULB (Thüringer university library) under (draft version in English).

The legal version and the form you will have to submit is in German, you can find it under:

If your thesis can be published open access (for conditions please check carefully or ASK US),you have an option to declare an embargo, please find more information under (German only)