"Gold Open Access" 

means publishing in a genuine Open Access journal which ensures immediate free access to all articles at the very moment of publication. Copyright will remain with the authors while a public license (usually Creative Commons license CC-BY) is applied to the article.

"Green Open Access"

also called self-archiving: means that the published article or the final peer reviewed manuscript is archived (deposited) in an online open access repository before, alongside or after its publication. We support Open Access Archiving by providing the institutional repository MPG.PuRe

Helping authors to find the  Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs)

Do you want to publish Open Access Gold?

Please check the Max Planck Digital Library-Journal list, in which you will find funded journal titles.Within the publication process, by providing your Max-Planck E-mail address + (mostly) being the corresponding author + correct affiliation, the article processing charges (APCs) for Open Access will automatically be deducted.

A good source to check Open Access journals is the Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ

Journal archiving and open access policies, please check SHERPA/RoMEO.
But please be aware, that your individual licence agreement will always count!

Do you want to publish Open Access Green in our PuRe publication repository?

While or before publishing: we propose the following steps, in order to retain your right for open access:

  1. Save the peer reviewed manuscript version!
    In the publication process please check and save your “individual licensing agreement” with the publisher for an open access option

  2. Do you have the permission to publish a peer-reviewed “postprint/manuscript version” in an institutional repository immediately/after 6 month? Please check back with the library.
    Yes – Publisher gives permission – Great! See 3.
    No – Use an author addendum or write an Email (see text below) to the editor immediately, before your agree to the publishers conditions to retain your rights for the green way and tell us about it!
    Text modular for Email to request permission:
    "This study is supported by the EU Horizon2020 project (XXproject funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No.XX). This programme requires, that a final peer reviewed version of the manuscript is made available via open access within 6 months of publication. We therefore ask for the permission, to deposit an electronic version of the final manuscript version open access in our non-commercial institutional repository.

  3. Library  archives the “manuscript/postprint version” in our institutional MPG-PuRe repository

After having published a closed-access-paper, we will have to follow this process

  1. We will check your publication for an OA option: green or gold way

  2. We will ask you (corresponding author) for your individual licence agreement – please provide it to us!

  3. Please ask the publisher for a permission to publish a peer-reviewed manuscript/postprint and archive it OA in our repository (e.g. use Email-text modular or Author addendum)
    Yes – Publisher gives permission – Great! See 4.
    No – Publication will NOT be Open, but Closed Access

  4. Library archives the “manuscript/postprint version” in our institutional MPG-PuRe repository