Max Planck Digital Library-Journal list:
8472 Funded Open-access Journals / Free for Max Planck authors!

Within the publication process:

  • provide your Max-Planck E-mail address 

  • author must be (in most cases) corresponding author (option: second corresponding author)

  • use correct MPI/MPG affiliation

    Check the article type! E.g. DEAL Wiley: only primary research - or review articles!

  • for details please check the APC details on the Max-Planck Digital Library Journal list

Open Access: Free and unrestricted online access to scientific and scholarly information 

  • unrestricted and cost-free access to scientific information on the Internet

  • transferring rights to the users

  • credit original user

  • rules of good scientific practice apply

Open access ambassador at MPI chemical Ecology: Florencia Campetella
Open access ambassador at MPI Biogeochemistry: Sophie von Fromm, Sinikka Paulus

We support Open Access Archiving by providing the institutional repository MPG.PuRe
Max Planck Society Open Access Definition

Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities